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Business Seminars: Skills for professional communication

Addressed to all professionals who want to improve their communication skills in English, German or other languages, so they can either fluently organise or take part in work meetings, presentations and negotiations or feel comfortable with written communication.

Grupo de profesionales estudiando inglés

Our seminars help to improve our students’ fluency, and boost their confidence at presenting and answering questions without difficulties.


The seminars’ dynamics are participative and interactive, with a practical approach towards real situations of business communication, using techniques such as:


Case studies



Use of the virtual language platform

We work with digital materials, and you’ll be getting an input before every session.

To whom are they addressed?

We have a wide range of seminars addressed to specific professional sectors.
We work on the specific language of each company and its sector.

Some of the sectors we have a wide training experience are:


Transportation logistics


Car industry

Secretarial and PA

Human Resources (HR)

Economics / Finance

Face to face online

All our programmes can be taken at our virtual classroom with Face-to-Face online.

Face-to-Face online allows life communication between teacher and students, and between students, in a real environment. We manage to keep the virtues of the highly interactive traditional classroom, enhancing it through a collaborative communication system.