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Professional Communication courses

At Humboldt, we have a variety of courses and programmes at your disposal, so you can improve your communication skills in your professional environment, and boost your confidence, whatever the audience or the situation.

Extensive courses

For those who want to progress quickly in a short period of time, or who want to improve a specific aspect, such as speaking, oral comprehension or pronunciation.

Traditional format or online

All our courses and programs are offered both in traditional format and in Face-to-face online with a teacher. You choose the format and place.

Training on the job (private language coaching)

Learning on the job. A coach will be with you at work. A real immersion at your workplace.

Project based learning (PBL) (In a group)

Simulation of a professional project in the target language. It can also be a real project introduced by the client.

Cross-cultural training

Cross-cultural competency – Key for your company’s success in a global environment. Our seminars help you optimise your communication with people from other cultures. We develop strategies so you can interact with intercultural sensitivity at the globalised world.

Professional skills seminars

Seminars oriented to improve the abilities on presentations, negotiations and meetings. On single topics by sectors.

Where are the courses located?

The courses can be organised at our customers’ facilities, at our centre in Barcelona, or at partners’ in Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Bilbao, Mallorca and other cities. Besides, thanks to our face-to-face online programme, you can learn from anywhere in the world.

Aprender idiomas online

¿Dónde impartimos nuestros cursos?

Los cursos se pueden organizar en las instalaciones de nuestros clientes, en nuestro centro en Barcelona o en centros partner en Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Bilbao, Mallorca y otras ciudades y con nuestro programa face to face online, desde cualquier parte del mundo.

Classroom by Google

Our Methodology

In all our courses (traditional or face-to-face online with a teacher), we work with our virtual collaborative platform powered by Google. It’s a space that encourages cooperation and a structured organization of all resources and tasks completed by the students.

This collaborative methodology offers a dynamic learning process, diversifying learning formats.

Face to face online

Face-to-face online Live Language Training

Learning is a social and interactive process. We learn by doing, especially when it comes to speaking. Our main challenge has been to transfer Face-to-Face online to a level of interaction comparable to a real classroom.

And we’ve made it.

Our Face-to-Face online allows life communication between teacher and students, and between students, at a real environment. We manage to keep the virtues of the highly interactive traditional classroom, enhancing it through a collaborative communication system.