Languages for companies

Online, In-company or at Humboldt.

Innovative training solutions with the best human and technological resources for languages, professional and intercultural skills.

Languages for individuals

Online & at Humboldt.

You can choose among a variety of courses: in mini-groups and one-to-one, intensive and extensive, so you can improve your communication skills.

Mobility Projects

Work and train in Germany.

Since 1993, Governments, Chambers of Commerce, job agencies and more than 150 partners work with us on mobility projects for young professionals.

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Learning without borders
Wherever you are we can help you!

Learn languages from anywhere in the world, just as interactive as a traditional classroom.

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About us

Language Training Center in Barcelona with 35 years of experience

We have offered consulting services on professional training in Barcelona since 1986; for 20 years in Seville, Madrid, Valencia and many other cities. Since 2017 we have spread our services to students all around the world. We have maintained our closeness to and empathy with our customers throughout time. We speak your language!

Effective management

Together with our partners, we analyse practical and efficient solutions for their language learning and intercultural training needs.


Learning without borders

All our courses and programmes are offered both in traditional format (in-person) and Face-to-face online with a teacher. You can choose how and where.

Our teachers

A team of qualified and experienced professionals who enjoy continuous learning courses offered by the school.

Collaborative tools

We encourage communication and collaboration between students and teachers, using the latest technological resources: virtual language platforms, Google Classroom and apps.

Measurable results -ROI

We work towards measurable objectives in order to optimise your training plan.

Our commitment

We identify with our partners' objectives, based on a relationship of trust and professional integrity.

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All our courses are fundable by the Fundación Tripartita

Logo Fundación Tripartita

Todos nuestros cursos son bonificables por la Fundación Tripartita

What makes us different

An expert team in the development of structured plans, and a flexible and communicative methodology. We have been evolving with you since 1986.
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