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3 success stories of the blended learning programme

Aprendizaje online Humboldt

Spanish Financial Institution – Project 4 + 2

Design and implementation of English courses for more than 220 employees and executives. A blended learning training plan that combined semi-intensive face-to-face sessions (general language, specific negotiation seminars, meetings, intercultural training, …) with an online self-study programme. The plan was designed for 6 months prior to its launch, involving different levels of the organization (human resource management, training, general management, executives, division managers, …).


Participants reduced the time required to complete a full level of the European Reference Framework by 50%. The company saved 25%. 

A win-win-win situation: for the course participants in their development, for the company in terms of time and money, and for Humboldt and his employees in economic and professional terms.

Pharmaceutical company in Barcelona – Project C1

The customer was in global expansion. The aim was that about 180 employees should reach the C1 level English, a maximum of two classroom hours per week and the rest of the online self-study. We developed a blended learning 2 + 1 system in close cooperation with the customer.


The students mastered half an English level of the European Reference Framework in one year, with only about 60 lessons attended per year. Today, the collective has reached 88% of the set goals.

Face to Face online

Entidad financiera española – Proyecto 4+2

El cliente se encontraba en plena expansión global. Se había fijado como objetivo que unos 180 colaboradoras deberían alcanzar el nivel C1 en inglés dedicando un máximo de 2 horas presenciales a la semana y el resto en autoestudio online.Diseñamos en estrecha cooperación con el cliente un sistema Blended Learning 2+1.


Los alumnos superaron medio nivel de inglés del Marco Europeo en un año asistiendo solo a unas 60 clases anuales presenciales. Hoy el colectivo ha alcanzado en un 88% los objetivos establecidos.

Estudiando idiomas online

French Pharmaceutical Company: Comments from Employees on our Face to Face Online English and French Courses (July 2018)

What would you highlight when learning face-to-face online?

``The convenience of being able to do it from anywhere and practicing oral communication, which in my opinion is most important.``

``Teaching was very much focused on the needs of the student, dynamic units that force one to be constantly focused and to make rapid progress.``

``Being able to see and listen to one another is very helpful and more fun.``

``The ability to propose topics that you would like to work on in each unit while practicing oral expression and conversation with the teacher.``