One to one/ with partner German Face to Face Online

One to one/ with partner German Face to Face Online


About this course


If you need a flexible course, 100% customized to your needs, without having to travel, with a quality program and a private teacher with proven experience that will help you meet your German goals, our online Face to Face one to one or partner course is what you are looking for.

You will interact live with your teacher and/or partner from wherever you are, connected via Zoom and to the Humboldt Classroom from an electronic device with Internet, with more didactic resources than in a traditional classroom: Live Language Training! An ideal experience for all those who need to improve their communication skills in German while achieving their personal and/or professional goals.


What is a Face to Face Online course?

  • Learning with the same interactivity as a traditional course
  • Live communication with you teacher and/or partner
  • Use of all didactic resources of a traditional classroom
  • Synchronous image and voice transmission
  • Dynamic and collaborative classes
  • Learning German without commuting

One to one or with partner?

You can choose between doing the course on your own or sharing the classes with a partner who has your same needs and similar level of German. If the course is with a partner, you will divide the cost of the course between you two: take advantage of our excellent quality-price ratio!

You can also combine your Face to Face online course with any of our One to One course at Humboldt Barcelona.
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Course Objectives

Our goal is to help you progress in your German language skills and achieve your goals.

Dates and schedules

Dates: Courses to be held throughout the year for all levels.

Class days and schedules: According to the participant’s schedule.

Holidays: October 12; November 1; December 8

Christmas: from December 21 to January 06, 2021.

Prices and conditions

  • Option 1:
    Blocks of hours: 10h
    Price: 460€
  • Option 2:
    Blocks of hours: 20h
    Price: 900€
  • Option 3:
    Blocks of hour: 40h
    Price: 1.750€
  • Option 4:
    Blocks of hour: 50h
    Price: 2.150€
  • Option 5:
    Blocks of hour: 100h
    Price: 4.200€


5% Discount for members of the same family or company (not to be combined with other discounts)


The registration fee at the center is 35 €
Online registration: free


The prices include:

  • Student needs analysis
  • Personal consulting
  • Attendance to the course booked
  • Access to Humboldt platforms
  • Humboldt certificate of achievement / participation in the course

Free level test

* The level test can be done online through the Campus; prior registration is required.

Take a level test

The oral test can be done over the phone or at the center.


Payment can be made in full online or by sending a full reservation by e-mail or online along with confirmation of a deposit of 150 € (the deposit is not an additional cost, but part of the payment, which will be deducted from your bill).


The school will only refund the amount paid in case the course booked is cancelled by the school.

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation notice received more than two weeks before the course start date: 150 € will be charged.
  • Cancellation notice received less than two weeks before the course start date: 50% of the course/accommodation fee will be charged.
  • here are no refundable fees after the course start date.

Course characteristics

Minimum age:

+ 18 years old

Number of students:

Individual or with partner

Videoconference system:





Blocks of 10, 20, 50 and 100h.


According to your schedule


According to your timetable



Get in touch

If you are interested in this course and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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