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1. Starting point

Good language training involves defining and achieveing clear objectives which will allow companies to meet their targets and improve their results. We start by analysing present and future competences, that is, the current versus the ideal situation. We define the perfect profile as a requirement to successfully fulfil the assigned tasks in the target language.

2. Design of the programme

We define the syllabus, the objectives, the assessment system, the methodology and the level of use of digital formats (Face-to-face online, Virtual language platform, Self-learning platform) for the project, as well as the costs and the time frame.

3. Learning strategies

Results are optimised thanks to a structured mix of different learning programmes and formats.

4. Implementation

Before starting, we always inform the participants through kick-off sessions about the rules and the course’s demands. Students’ active implication in the learning process is one of the keys for success.

5. Clear objectives

We communicate to participants the main objectives for every teaching unit at each stage of the program.

6. Assessment

We follow the criteria and descriptors from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as our Evaluation handbook.

7. Reporting

Our advisory team is always in touch with our customers. They have access to regular reports that track the students’ progress as well as their level of satisfaction with the training plan and the teachers. We have the human resources and technology for detailed follow up.

8. Outsourcing

Outsourcing is designed to make it easier to manage your company’s language training. This will allow you to enjoy economic and operational advantages. We have been managing training at large firms for more than 30 years.

9. Costs

A systematic implementation of a training programme optimises time and costs to achieve your objectives.

10. ROI results

Our objective is for our customer to obtain a return on their investment. The acquired new skills are transferred to the workplace. The level of satisfaction of both participants and managers is our key indicator.

Our training for companies

Our programmes are designed to improve your team members’ communication skills in professional environments.