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Training for companies

Professional communication training

Our programmes are designed to improve your team members’ communication skills in professional environments.

How do we do it?

Find out about Blended Learning

Our Blended Learning service is based on a flexible, open module system, easy to tailor to each company's specific needs.

Matching your company’s training strategy, we integrate different learning methods to optimise your company’s training programs:

Traditional face-to-face courses

Online courses with a teacher in real time

Online self-study with a tutor

We can also combine several of these learning methods to meet company needs.

Our training concept is based on interactive learning. We develop training plans that build on existing skills and optimise learning through the most advanced online learning systems.

Profesional aprendiendo idiomas
De acuerdo con la estrategia formativa, integramos las diferentes modalidades en el plan de formación de tu empresa:

Cursos presenciales tradicionales

Cursos online con profesor en tiempo real

Autoestudio online tutorizado

Combinamos estos formatos según las necesidades de tu empresa.

Nuestro concepto formativo se basa en el aprendizaje colaborativo. Desarrollamos los planes de formación basándonos en la gestión por competencias e incorporamos los más avanzados sistemas de aprendizaje online.

Our training formats

We adapt to your company’s needs.


FACE TO FACE (online)

SELF STUDY (online)

Traditional lessons, one-to-one or in a group.Innovative learning method using a virtual classroom (can be individual or group classes).One-to-one learning with virtual tools: Humboldt Language Platform Premium and a self study online course.
Lessons are taught either at our centre in Barcelona, at partner centres or in-company.Lessons can be taken everywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection.Follow up by a tutor and further support from our team (HLP and HLPP).
Trainings and courses where participants take part and collaborate 100%.Communicate with your classmates and your teacher real time.The content can be similar to our traditional face to face course or students can opt to participate in other learning activities without following a specific course.
Learning using latest technologies.Traditional learning resources used in a digital environment.A wide range of content including exercises and interactive activities.


Formato tradicional de aprendizaje individual o grupal.
Las clases se imparten en nuestro centro en Barcelona, en centros partners o bien en tu empresa.
Formaciones y cursos donde los asistentes participan y colaboran al 100%.
Aprendizaje completado con las más altas tecnologías.


Formato innovador de aprendizaje individual o grupal a través de una aula virtual.
Las clases las puedes desarrollar dónde quieras mientras tengas una buena conexión a Internet.
Mantendrás una comunicación en tiempo real con tu profesor y compañeros.
Se utilizan todos los recursos didácticos de un aula tradicional pero en un entorno digital.


Formato tradicional de aprendizaje individual.
Tú decides cuándo impartir tus clases, solo necesitas una buena conexión a Internet.
Desde nuestro centro te ofreceremos soporte en todo lo que necesites.
En un entorno digital podrás utilizar todos los recursos didácticos que necesites.

We offer a wide variety of courses –open and closed groups, one-to-one, combined, intensive or extensive –organised into language levels, following the Common European Framework of Reference.

At Humboldt, we offer training solutions, committing our professional competence to meet your objectives.

All our courses can be taken either in the traditional method, or through a virtual classroom (Face-to-Face online). In both cases you can extend your learning through the online Interactive Platform (Humboldt Language Platform) through self-study.

We also offer the possibility of combining your Face-to-Face online course with a traditional one at our centre in Barcelona. It’s up to you!

Humboldt Language Platform

In all traditional and face-to-face online courses we use our virtual Interactive Platform:

  • It’s a space offering a user-friendly and clear structure where you can keep all your completed tasks in an organized way and intract easily with your teacher and classmates
  • Access from any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc)
  • Share files, videos, presentations
  • Use apps to stimulate your training process
Face to face online

Face-to-face online Live Language Training

Learning is a social and interactive process. We learn by doing, especially when it comes to speaking. Our main challenge has been to transfer Face-to-Face online to a level of interaction comparable to a real classroom.

And we’ve made it.

Face-to-face online allows live communication between teacher and students and among students, in a virtual classroom environment. We have managed to maintain the value of the highly interactive traditional classroom, enhancing it through an interactive communication system online.