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Dual Vocational Training

We can help you at Humboldt!

We have trained more than 500 young people since 2015, to work or to get a professional training in Germany. Since 1993, we are experts in organising mobility projects.
We manage 100% fully subsidised projects.

Our programmes:

What we offer?

Mobility projects are addressed to young people who want to obtain a certificate from the prestigious German Dual Vocational Training, or those who are looking for a job position in Germany.

Humboldt blended learning

We give you information and manage job / traineeship offers

We select the candidates

We organise job fairs with companies and potential candidates

We translate your paperwork

You will take part in a general German course with work-related modules and intercultural training

You will have a personal tutor

After the course, you will obtain an official certificate

Proyectos movilidad Humboldt

Our partners

One of the keys to success of our mobility projects is the close collaboration between partners in Catalonia and Germany.

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Our experience

Mobility projects successfully managed since 1993

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Since 1993, Humboldt has been organizing mobility projects, especially between Spain and Germany. In the 1990s we collaborated with the Generalitat de Catalunya in vocational training projects, which included internships in companies in Germany.

Trabajar en Alemania

1999 - 2010

Through a cooperation agreement with the Berlin Senate in Germany, between 1999 and 2010 we looked after more than 150 young Berliners with a completed German dual vocational training in Barcelona.

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Since 2013, we have been working with the Federal Employment Agency (ZAV), the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Chambers of Commerce, regional governments, as well as public and private partners.

Prácticas FP Dual


Since 2017 we have also been working together with the Generalitat de Catalunya, the BCA Formació Professional of the City of Barcelona, the ZAV, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, EURES, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce, the City Council of Göttingen and the bbf Oldenburg in dual international recognition programs for vocational training.