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Vocational Training – Dual certificate

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Vocational Training – Dual certificate

Are you interested in obtaining a German Dual Vocational Training certificate in only one year?

Would you like to have your degree validated in Germany?

Can you take part in an German intensive course in Barcelona?

Would you like to live in Germany for at least 14 months?

Humboldt blended learning

If you answer in YES, the German Dual Vocational Training project is what you need.

The project is subsidized by the Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya (SOC) through the Youth Guarantee Fund of the European Union and in Germany by the Hannover Region and the ZAV.

A 100% subsidised project addressed to people who are eager to learn and to live an international experience for their professional and personal life.

It’s organised by the Fundació BCN de Formación Profesional and Humboldt –Business Communication Training. In Germany we collaborate with the Hannover Chamber of Commerce, the ZAV and other organizations.

Since 2017, more than 120 young people have taken part in these mobility projects.

Our keys to success

Achieving a good level of German is one of the keys for integration in Germany, and that is also essential to improve your language knowledge.

This is why we collaborate with several partners in Germany that take care of your integration, and help you with your daily challenges, look for your accommodation, and so on.

Partners such as Caritas Hannover, Gottingen Town Council and organizations like Practigo, among others, will help you having excellent conditions to achieve your goals.

You are at the centre of this project!

Who is Vocational Training Dual Certificate addressed to?

It’s for young graduates with a completed Vocational Training degree, who meet the following requirements:

18 to 28 years of age

European citizenship

Graduates of a Vocational Training school (middle or higher degree)

Icono Garantía Juvenil

Ascribed to Youth Guarantee

What does the grant cover?

Intensive German course in Barcelona: target B1 level

Intercultural training

Trip to Germany

Translation of the CV, paperwork and motivation letter.

Minimum of €1150 monthly gross salary during the one year training in Germany

German course in Germany

Mentors in Germany

Alumnos Humboldt

Curso intensivo de alemán en Barcelona: Objetivo B1

Training intercultural

Homologación del título español

Viaje a Alemania

Prácticas remuneradas en Alemania (1200€)

Traducción del CV, títulos y carta motivación

Tutores en Alemania

Cursos de alemán en Alemania

Remuneración mínimo de 1150€ mensuales brutos durante la formación anual en Alemania

Sector and trades

We have 80 available places between different trades. Check them out!
Administration and management
  • GS Administration and Finances
  • GS Assistance to the director
Marketing and marketing
  • GS Marketing and advertising
  • GS Transport and logistics
  • GM Commercial activities
Construction and civil works
  • GS Construction
  • GS Civil Projects
  • GM Construction
Electricity and electronic
  • GM electrical and automatic installations
  • GS Industrial Automation and Robotics
  • GS Automated electrotechnical systems
Mechanical Manufacturing
  • GM Machining
  • GS Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing
  • GS metal construction
Hotels and tourism
  • GM catering
  • GM Kitchen and Food
  • GS Catering Services
  • GS Kitchen Management
  • GS management of tourist accommodation
Computer and communications
  • GS Multiplatform Application Development
  • GS Web Application Development
  • GS Systems and Network Management
Installation and maintenance
  • GS industrial mechatronics
  • GM electromechanical maintenance
  • GS Maintenance of Thermal and Fluid installations
  • GS Refrigeration and Air
  • GM Laboratory operations
  • GM Chemical Plant
  • GS Chemical Industry
  • GS Laboratory Analysis and quality control
Sociocultural and Community Services
  • GS Child Education
Transport and maintenance of vehicles
  • GS Automotive
  • GM Electromechanics of Vehicles
  • GS Aeromechanical Maintenance

How can you request further information?

If you meet the requirements to take part into the project, we will invite you to attend the next information session available (please confirm attendance).

    Participate in an information sesion

      Ask for information

      Dual Vocational Training project phases

      Phase 1 Selection:

      Phase2: Training

      Phase 3: Preparation

      Phase 4: Integration in Germany

      Phase 5: Training starts at the company

      May – June 2019

      Information sessions
      Organization of interviews between companies and candidates.

      2nd September 2019 – April 2020

      Intensive German course.
      Intercultural training.
      B1 Certification.

      Trip planning.
      Finding accommodation.
      April – May 2020

      Welcome by the German partner.
      8 weeks of paid internship.
      If everything goes well, at the end of the internship, a one year training contract will be signed.

      May 2020 – June 2021

      12 month of practical Vocational Training.
      Mentor at the company.

      Fases del proyecto FP Doble Titulación

      Fase 1

      Sesiones informativas.
      Preselección Gestión solicitudes.
      Organización de entrevistas entre candidatos y empresas Ferias de empleo.

      Fase 2

      Curso intensivo de alemán.
      Training intercultural.
      Certificación B1.

      Fase 3

      Planificación del viaje.
      Búsqueda de alojamiento.

      Fase 4
      Integración en Alemania:

      Acogida por parte del partner alemán.
      Prácticas remuneradas durante 8 semanas.
      Si todo va bien al final de las prácticas se firma el contrato laboral de formación de 1 año.

      Fase 5 Inicio
      formación en

      Planificación del viaje.
      Búsqueda de alojamiento.
      Mapa ciudades Alemania

      Where will the training take place?

      Mainly in the south of Germany, specifically in the following locations:

      1. Hannover
      2. Göttingen
      3. Oldenburg
      4. Zona de Oldenbrgo
      5. Zona de Bremen
      6. Cloppenburg
      7. Vechta
      8. Stuttgart

      Which organizations take part in the project?

      Once finished the training period

      You may get a well-paid job offer from the company where you have done your internship. You may even be contacted by some other companies from the same sector that would like to hire you. There is also the possibility of returning to Barcelona to further develop your professional career. It’s up to you!