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Languages ​​for individuals

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Language courses in Barcelona and Face to Face online from anywhere in the World

Do you want to learn a new language from home, your office or in our school in Barcelona?

Choose your option: at Humboldt Barcelona, or live classes with your realt time teacher in our face-to-face online wherever you are.

Learning without borders!

Customized language courses for adults

It’s all about your choices: let us know your timetable and training-intensity preferences and together we will draw up a unique training plan according to your personal goals.

Learn English, German, Spanish… or the language you desire, one to one or with the partner you choose.

And what’s better than sharing a language course with a friend, a work colleague or a relative?

Language training with structured plans, by objectives and a flexible and communicative methodology, is the basis of all our courses. At Humboldt, we accompany you throughout your training process.

Plan and design your future, we give you the tools you need.

Choose the training option that best meet your goals and needs

Face to Face courses

Face to Face Online courses

Traditional methodology one to one or with partner.An innovative one to one or with partner learning system. A combination of an online classroom and a videoconference system.
Classes take place in our center in Barcelona, in partner centers or in your company.You choose the location; classes can be held wherever you want; you only need a good internet connection.
Language training and courses where all the students participate and collaborate 100%.Live communication with your teacher and your classmates.
You will combine face to face classes with the ultimate technological resources.You will use the same didactic resources of a traditional classroom, but adapted to our digital environment. 


Formato tradicional de aprendizaje individual o grupal
Las clases se imparten en nuestro centro en Barcelona, en centros partners o bien en tu empresa.
Formaciones y cursos donde los asistentes participan y colaboran al 100%.
Aprendizaje completado con las más altas tecnologías.


Formato innovador de aprendizaje individual o grupal a través de una aula virtual
Las clases las puedes desarrollar dónde quieras mientras tengas una buena conexión a Internet.
Mantendrás una comunicación en tiempo real con tu profesor y compañeros.
Se utilizan todos los recursos didácticos de un aula tradicional pero en un entorno digital.

Humboldt Classroom

Our virtual collaborative platform

We use virtual environments for learning in all our face to face and online courses.

  • The virtual space organizes interaction, cooperation and communication. It is designed to be an easy-to-understand and functional structure. An excellent way to keep track of all the activities and work done during the course!
  • Access from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).
  • Easy to share files, videos and presentations, social media.
  • Use Apps to dynamize the learning process.

Face to Face Online: Live Language Training

Learning is a social and interactive process. “Practice makes perfect”, especially in language training. Our challenge has been to transfer to the Face to Face Online courses the equal level of interaction offered by traditional classrooms.

Our Face to Face Online allows live communication and interaction between teacher and students and among students. The online environment keeps the best of the traditional face to face classrooms but improving interaction with a collaborative communication system.